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About us

Recruit4.work has developed very rapidly since its foundation into an established recruitment and selection agency. We are specialized in recruiting and selecting highly qualified candidates for a diverse group of European companies in different industries. Due to our unique approach we are able to find the right candidates swiftly and we are fully equipped to become an extension to your Human Resources department.

How we work

We work with a language first, profile second approach. This means that we first look for the language(s) that you require and within this group of people we search for the correct profile and background. The whole organization is build up to optimally facilitate this way of working. We have an extensive network of localized recruiters whom are sourcing candidates in both their respective native region and throughout Europe.

Our recruiters

Our recruiters are in each European country and we are always expanding, this proves vital for us as our these recruiters understand the language native to the applicant and, more important, they also know the local culture. With this approach we ensure exceptional results in all our recruitment assignments. We are a flexible organization we are able to conform to your existing recruitment process. 

We believe that this streamlined thinking is essential to build good working relationships. To further increase the ease of collaboration our customers have a dedicated contact that will act as your main source of information. Your contact will ensure that you find the candidate that you are looking for. We take the candidate selection process serious, with us you don’t receive 100’s of profiles for a single position. We only send candidates that we actually had a conversation with and only if we are confident that this profile is a great match to your needs!

Advanced ATS

We use state-of-the-art ATS system that use multiposting to put your positions on 100+ jobboards

Quick results

 On average, we can propose candidates for a new position on a short timeframe.

No cure no pay

We only invoice once our candidate is actually hired so you have no risk in the recruitment process.

Contract options

Whether you are looking for a fixed fee, paying per hour or even need a company that also deals with payroll,  we can help you!

GDPR Compliant

We are fully compliant with the GDPR regulations ensuring proper handling of personal data.

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Recruit4.work has developed very rapidly since its foundation in 2016 into an established recruitment and selection agency.

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